Blended learning: an update

As mentioned before on this Blog I am currently taking an online Blended Learning Course from the University of Leeds. I’ve just finished the first week. This Blogpost is in English, because the whole course is in English and, to my surprise, I found it quite hard to make the switch to expressing myself in English. Nevertheless I liked the extra challenge!

My ideas towards Blended learning have shifted a bit the last week. It doesn’t have to be very complex or technology driven, it is more about finding solutions to make students learn. One can use technology to achieve so, but technology isn’t the key-thing. And it isn’t the only thing: te contact with and between students is essential.

One of the eye-openers for me was the teacher wo said  “I was going to start the lesson with a quick recap, ask some questions to establish the learner’s understanding of the video, and then they were to get straight on …..” One of the things that makes flipping difficult (I did try flipping with books: that might sound ancient, but the book is illustrated ;)) is that students might no be prepared well enough to continue with exercises. I was searching for a way to avoid that problem and giving a short recap instead of repeating everything sounds like a simple and do-able solution. That simple that I didn’t come up with it, although I usually start with a recap of the week before. Silly me….

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